Journey With Your Soul

“Hold my hand and journey”

Robyn Jordan

All our lives are an inspiration; a journey of many lessons and subsequent healings.
We have been taking this journey over myriad of lifetimes - all for Soul’s growth.

The understandings of our Soul’s Journey has been the gifts of a life long journey of the navigation of personal experiences, now created within the framework of Past Life Regression Sessions.

Within these sessions I create and share a safe, compassionate, loving and nurturing space for you to experience a sacred journey of your Soul.

Each journey is unique and special for you and your Soul’s understandings in that very moment.

You connect the threads and awake to your true potential.

* Services *

Past Life Regression
Deep Memory Processing

Face Reading
Psychosomatic Therapy

Holistic Healing

Emotional Release Bodywork

PAST LIFE REGRESSION AND DEEP MEMORY PROCESS explore the Blueprint of Our Soul’s Journey.

Our personal life journey of this Lifetime and Other Lifetimes.

Who are you? Why are you here?

We come intentionally to Earth to learn lessons that advance our Soul’s Growth.

At a Soul Level we all purposefully choose our life to explore and identify our life lessons to advance our Soul’s growth and live the life we are designed to live.

Through Past Life Regression and Deep Memory Process we access the subconscious, where all of our soul memories are stored.

This moves us beyond the analytical and critical conscious mind, to your absolute truth in the subconscious mind.

You access your higher self, your intuition and your wisdom.

Sessions can free you to live a fulfilling life according to your Soul’s Plan by identifying :

# the source of feelings

# fears and phobias

# limiting beliefs

# blocked memories

# freezing and dissociation of trauma

# sabotage in relationships

# a new perspective in relationships

# anxiety

# self doubt

# distraction

# procrastination

# the repetition of unsustainable patterns in everyday life

# source of philosophical and spiritual issues

# pure curiosity

# and so much more from your Uniqueness.

The Journey is accessed through Meditative Guidance of Past Life Regression and Psychodrama, Bodywork and Somatic Releases of Deep Memory Process.

This is accessed through the Intentions of your personal journey.

The depth of the releases are spontaneous and integrated through the Bardot, the place of the healing transition of thoughts, feelings and pains and their freeing integration into present consciousness.

You become Your Perfection.

PSYCHOSOMATIC THERAPY involves Face and Body Readings to comprehend the individual and their own Inner Self Relationship.

Why am I in the Shape I am in? Our body displays our Footprint in Life. 

Our Body is the vehicle of the incarnated Soul, its expression and evolution from conception to present time.

Psychosomatic Therapy is the Body, Mind, Soul in action.

Body, Mind, Spirit Communication which coexists in everyone at every moment.

The distractions of life experiences create imbalance in the body seen as physical, mental and emotional dis-ease.

Soul consciousness as a potential loss of Soul Purpose.

Psychosomatic Therapy is how to bring them together to create a Whole.

FACE READING is the first component of Psychosomatic Therapy. Our whole Life is present in our Face. Our whole Body is represented in our Face. 

When we read the Face, we are reading the whole body.

An intimate connection with self and where we are on our Soul’s Journey.

EACH OF MY SESSIONS begin with a Face Reading and a Face Split. 

Face Splits are photos that create entire images of your right and left face to see your Left, Inner, Feminine Self and your Right, Outer, Masculine Self. This enables you to see how they communicate or do not communicate with each other. 

Face Splits each session allows one to visually see the personal changes and self transformations that occur from session to session.

As we meet Face to Face throughout a day with self, family, friends, work colleagues, and strangers, we develop an awareness of how we could be with ourselves and another.

Equality in Recognition.

This may be the first time the other person and ourselves acknowledge Our Own Uniqueness.

LIQUID CRYSTALS consist of 77 crystals and 11 directives. They are Geometric and Vibrational remedies – Organic, Natural, and Holistic. 

They facilitate change through healing Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical imbalance.

LIQUID CRYSTAL LIFE PURPOSE READINGS reveal your shadow crystal, your purpose crystal and higher purpose crystal journey to facilitate a deeper self understanding.

LIQUID CRYSTAL LIFE PATH READINGS are a deep journey through the Atlantian Cities to see reoccurring patterns from birth to present time for deep healing.

As a qualified Liquid Crystal Practitioner, I will prepare and create the appropriate crystals directly from the liquid crystals stock.

EMOTIONAL RELEASE BODYWORK allows us to meet our body type and our response to life through activating energy centres throughout the body. 

The purpose is to release blocked energy to improve involuntary body function such as heart beat, blood flow, breathing and digestion.

It also works with the nervous system to release trauma from deep within the body form and body tissues.

As awareness deepens, spontaneous release occurs.

* A Message From Robyn *

I am a guide and fellow traveller of life.

I am a carer of humanity and the sacredness of the individual.

I am a woman who cares deeply about the innocence of children and the innocent child within each of us.

My deepest reflections and understandings come from my earliest childhood memories of loss of innocence, hidden truths and deep fears around survival.

The crushing of my uniqueness and brilliance and the trepidation and retribution for my pure existence. 

My innocence was exploited and denied its pure expression. Hence, my life has demanded my attention for thorough understanding and healing.


My journey has allowed me to access a very calm sense of life and myself.

A deep realisation and knowing of the purity and gifts that are inherent on my journey.

I have been a Kindergarten and a Primary School Teacher and had a business in Child Care.

I am a Wife, a Mother of four sons and a Nanna of ten grandchildren.

The inspiration, protector and guide of many human journeys.

I have learnt we are all on our Individual Soul’s Journey this life, from birth to our leaving.

We choose our family for the necessity of our acquired journey this life.

The lessons of this life are for the advancement of our human journey and soul progression.


I am a Practitioner of Soul Journey through Past Life Regression and Deep Memory Process.

I am a Psychosomatic Therapist; the wholeness of existence through Face and Body Reading, supported by Trigger Point Emotional Release Bodywork.

I support the healing process through the guidance of vibrational mineral remedies of Liquid Crystals, as a qualified Liquid Crystal Practitioner.


Clients have expressed how the sessions create great love, wisdom, compassion and deep acceptance of their process.


I create the space for you to give you back to yourself; an essential part of any great intuitive guide’s role; allowing one to connect to an immensely deep and pure component of self – changing lives through the creation of inner peace and self esteem.


This is my Commitment to Humanity and The Journey of Life.

My Soul’s Journey.

* Client Reviews *

"I have had two sessions with Robyn so far, one in person and the other remotely and both were incredible. Both sessions raised issues that needed healing and i was amazed by how much was understood and resolved as a result of these sessions. Robyn is such a beautiful practitioner, she makes you feel safe and comfortable allowing you to be open to whatever comes through in the session. I am extremely grateful and still amazed at how much healing came through in my last session. Thank you!"​
Kate Elizabeth Jean
"I had an amazing journey with Robyn Jordan - an amazing regression. The session was profound and Robyn was intuitive and offered me guidance and safety. She is a real gift."
Jo Arlaud
"Robyn is one of the most intuitive people and practitioners I have worked with. She brings warmth and connection to every meeting and sessions we have together. Her wonderful ability to hold space for you to heal is like none other. Her knowledge and expertise in this field is deep and you can easily open up with ease and love. The healing that brings forth is so remarkable that it brought me deeper sense of inner peace and self-esteem. I am feeling more joyful and in better control of my life. I am grateful to have met Robyn and I look forward to many more sessions with her. I highly recommend for those who want changes in their lives."
Lakhana Mam Senadheera
"Connecting with an immensely deep pure component within myself is so profound indeed!"
Sean Jago
"I recently had a session for past life regression with Robyn and have had many other sessions with Robyn throughout the years. Not only does Robyn create a safe and nurturing space for your soul journey to take place, she provides great love, wisdom, compassion and acceptance in this process. Robyn has a unique ability to give you back to yourself - which is an essential part of any great intuitive, guide or healer's role. If you are ready to empower your journey, I highly recommend booking a session with Robyn."
Lauren Mahar
"Robyn's work is wonderful and genuine. She creates a very safe and warm environment where you can feel calm and open to experience your own healing - to better understand the reason behind your existence on this earth and the journey you are on. For me one session of past life regression has confirmed my field of expertise choice, connection with the people in my life and has opened myself to healing. I highly recommend a session with Robyn so you can discover your path and purpose and begin your own healing journey."
Kristina, 27, Port Melbourne
"Regression sounded intriguing, exciting and in some ways daunting. Being my first experience Robyn immediately put me at ease as we discussed my current life experiences. When the regression started again I was into unchartered waters and I was blown away by the emotional release and exposure of the previous life trauma. Robyn was so calm and encouraging making me feel safe and supported throughout. It was a very moving and enlightening experience. Thank you Robyn."
Marilyn Crossley
"I have had the privilege of Robyn facilitating a past life healing. It was done with much compassion, gentleness and positive energy. Robyn intervened at just the right moments, showing me that she is very knowledgable and experienced in her work. I was very comforted throughout the session, knowing that I was always safe and in capable hands. I am very impressed with Robyn and the work she does. Robyn is a very calming person with a strong conviction of getting the work done to free the person we were meant to be. Thank you for your kindness, caring and belief in me and your work. Much appreciation and love."
Irene Georgakakis
"My experience with Robyn was incredibly nurturing and gentle. I was quite nervous to begin with but I quickly relaxed and realised there was nothing to be afraid of. The past life regression I experienced was profound. In the most loving way, Robyn helped me go to the place I needed to work on the most. I felt such a shift within myself on the table. I gained an understanding that I have never had about myself and I can now feel a real pathway towards forgiveness and love in the relationships in my life."
Briana Price-Robertson
"Robyn has a sensitive and caring approach as well as the ability to help you to explore your inner self in a way that is both empowering and enlightening."
Natalie White

* Contact *

Sessions available in person, via Skype, Zoom and FaceTime. 

Due to varying international time zones, if you cannot find a time that suits you when booking, please get in touch as I do offer session times outside of those that are on my booking site.


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